I36DUA Intel LGA1366 Solution
Excellent thermal performance and ultra silent 1.99.97% pure copper and heat pipe technology provides high thermal
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If you've got a modern CPU, you need a CPU cooler.


A heat sink works by transferring heat away from the CPU with high heat, to the heat sink with lower heat, but with a higher heat capacity. This heat transfer lowers the CPU temperature, and raises the heat sink temperature.




Most Cost-Effective CPU Liquid Cooling


Steady and silent working.


Easy installation design brings more fun to DIYers


Excellent component cooling


provide the top cooling performance!


Enjoy quiet cooling at a reasonable price


Extreme Innovative Engineering Design


Multi-directional fins for maximum system cooling



Intel® Core™ i5 Processor all series


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We guarantee our excellent raw material & high quality control, competitive price and complete service after sale.

We also guarantee excellent product quality, strong packing system, reasonable price and on-time shipments.


Thermalfly Technology devotes in researching and developing Heat Conducting Techniques, and successfully applies it to CPU coolers for various kinds of PCs, heat-dissipation system for close-type Chassis, and solutions for heat-accumulation that electronics encounter.




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